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Eat.  Drink.  Be Merry.  

Nothing brings people together like food and drink.  Growing up in a restaurant, our family communicated through food. My grandparents opened our restaurant in Tuscola in the 70's (Liga's Steak & Pasta House), and spoke no English.  So, when you don't speak the language, you communicate in the way that you know.  Growing up in that restaurant taught me the incredible discipline and sacrifice  that is required to own and operate a small business in a small town, and I've carried those lessons with me as I started my own businesses.  

With Fieldhouse, I wanted to create an environment that was clean and comfortable, but also provided a unique environment for sports fans.  Most importantly, I wanted to own a business that provided more than a product, it provided an experience that people valued.  This place has grown to be quite a gem.  It's full of love and laughter, and you can feel it from the moment you walk in the door.  

I designed our menu to cover all the "craveable basics" that a small town restaurant should have, and each item is done very well at a very high quality.  Our beer selection is very well-rounded and always includes local brews, seasonal beers and ciders, and some unique selections that you won't see anywhere else.  

So come see us on the corner of Washington and Market in downtown Monticello, we can't wait to meet you. 

Michelle Murphy, Owner 

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